Lecture 14 - exam review

Lecture 14 - exam review - Announcements First exam on...

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Unformatted text preview: Announcements First exam on 02/18/07 Covers material through 02/11/07 One page of notes (single sided, 8.5" x 11") Bring a calculator HW4 will not be turned in or graded, but is posted with solutions A old exam i posted as well An ld is t d ll EE360 Lecture 15 Review Semiconductor materials Elemental, Compound, Alloy Group IV, III-V, and II-VI Crystal Structure Unit cell (volume and surface density) Miller indices (planes and directions) B di model and E Bonding d l d Energy B d M d l Band Model Electrons and holes in each Energy gap EE360 Lecture 15 1 Review Carriers carrier effective mass Intrinsic carrier concentration Doping (donors, acceptors, energy levels, temp. dependence) Carrier energy distributions (density of states, Fermi function) Carrier concentrations Calculating the Fermi Level (non-degeneracy) Carrier Motion Drift (drift velocity, mobility, drift current) Resistivity Band bending (energy potential electric field) (energy, potential, Diffusion (diffusion coefficient, Einstein relationship, diffusion current) Total current (Drift + diffusion) EE360 Lecture 15 Review Recombination and Generation Mechanisms (band-to-band, RG centers, Auger, impact ionization) Direct vs. indirect bandgap Photogeneration Thermal RG (low level injection, recombination rate) Critical equations Continuity equatons (exact, but difficult to solve) Miniority carrier diffusion equations (approximate, but have analytical solutions) MCDE standard solutions EE360 Lecture 15 2 Review Semiconductor Fabrication processes Oxidation, Diffusion, Lithography, Etching, Thin film deposition, ion implantation Making a pn-junction EE360 Lecture 15 3 ...
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Lecture 14 - exam review - Announcements First exam on...

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