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Historical FIlm Evaluation

Historical FIlm Evaluation - Joe Soukup Kugler Historical...

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Joe Soukup Kugler Historical Film Essay 14-Apr-07 The Passion of the Christ Having never seen this movie before I thought that it would be a good choice for this essay. This movie really put me in a state of shock, as I never realized all that happened in those twenty-four hours. Being a Roman Catholic person this story was very closely related to what I have always been taught. It really did show how much suffering Jesus went through for us. This is an abridged version of the movie; since we all know the events of that day. The Movie starts with the Agony in the Garden. They show something that I think many people don’t know, when Peter cuts off a mans ear. This scene then goes to focus on Judas and the rest of his life until his suicide. The movie then shows all the extent that those people went to, to see Jesus crucified. They went before as many courts as they could to try and get the ruling that they wanted. Pontius Pilate who I feel was a man who never wanted to see any of this happen washed his hands of the whole situation, showing that he wants nothing to do with it.
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