Final - Joe Soukup Intro to Lit Studies 7-May-07 Final...

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Joe Soukup Intro to Lit Studies 7-May-07 Final Ikuenobe, Polycarp. The Idea of Personhood in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart . Philosophia Africana; Aug2006, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p117-131, 15p In Ikuenobe’s article, there is a good argument about Okonkwo’s fear of failure that has ruined his life. Okonkwo has never had a good relationship with his father and this is something that I will not try to dispute at all. In the article she talks about how Okonkwo was born with nothing and has become a man who built everything that he has. The article also talked bout how people of the clan would poke jokes at Okonkwo’s father and how much that would make Okonkwo not want to be like his father. The author then says that Okonkwos suicide made him into a failure just like his father, I don’t agree with this. I don’t agree with the author simply since I don’t think suicide can ruin everything that one has earned in his days on earth. Gaining the respect of our elders is something that is not easily achieved. Yet Okonkwo achieved this at a young age, “As the elders said, if a child washed his hands he could eat with kings. Okonkwo had clearly washed his hands and so he ate with kings and elders” (Achebe 8). If a man is to achieve such great success I think that an action like suicide will not completely take away what they have accomplished in their life. I personally don’t think that one action can completely ruin what someone has built throughout his or her life.
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In the Ibo culture there is also a new year celebration. There is great celebration
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Final - Joe Soukup Intro to Lit Studies 7-May-07 Final...

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