earlyhominids - Hominid "groups" of species Earliest...

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Hominid “groups” of species Earliest hominids “Gracile” australopithecines “Robust” australopithecines Early Homo ( H. habilis and H. erectus ) Homo sapiens (archaics, including Neanderthals, and moderns, including ourselves) Homo floresiensis Earliest Hominids All are from Africa. The earliest traces of hominid evolution were thought to date to between 3 and 4 million years ago in 1999, but the earliest traces may date to 7 million years ago. A nearly complete cranium from Toros-Menalla, Central Africa , was discovered in 2001 and has been assigned the name Sahelanthropus tchadensis . Sahelanthropus tchadensis The braincase is small but it has huge browridges combined with a sagittal crest and large muscle attachments in the rear. The face does not protrude, unlike other early hominids. There are no postcranial elements, so its locomotor capabilities are unknown. The hominid status of
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earlyhominids - Hominid "groups" of species Earliest...

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