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MAJOR HEALTH DATA HITS U.S. AID POLITICS By: Kara Alaimo Themes WHO data shows that maternal mortality rates are declining too slowly and will not meet the target set by the UN in 2000 Research shows that maternal death rates are not declining in the areas where they occur highest (sub- Saharan Africa); international agencies emphasize the need for universal access to reproductive healthcare in such areas The number of maternal deaths in developing countries is partially attributed to the lack of safe abortion services-- in DC’s each year 67,000 women are killed and 5 million others are hospitalized U.S. foreign policy has been criticized as a major component of this problem-- since 1984 each Republican President has instated the Mexico City Policy The Mexico City Policy, is a U.S. policy that bars foreign aid from clinics that provide abortion-related services or advocate for change in local abortion laws The Senate voted to overturn the policy in September, while the House passed provisions that restored the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) shipment’s of contraceptives to foreign organizations that refused the terms of the policy There is not yet enough political support for a full repeal of the policy in the House and President Bush has promised to veto even the contraceptives exemption, which enjoys broad bipartisan support During the Clinton presidency the policy was repealed but President Bush reinstated it as his first
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presentationnotes - MAJOR HEALTH DATA HITS U.S. AID...

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