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Poli 313A Fall 2007 Chap 19/20 Quiz Prof. Aragon 1. Government programs designed to provide the basic living conditions necessary for all citizens are called A) charitable programs. B) social welfare programs. C) the welfare state. D) disability programs. E) subsistence aid programs 2. The standard of “three times the cost of a minimally-nutritious diet” applies to A) welfare. B) the Guaranteed Income Assistance program. C) the poverty threshold. D) Medicaid. E) the Assistance to Women, Infants, and Children program. 3. A major cause of the feminization of poverty is that A) women do not have marketable work skills. B) most federal welfare programs are geared toward men. C) passage of the Equal Rights Amendment removed many welfare programs created specifically for women. D) many women are forced to leave the full-time work force to raise their children. E) on average, women have less education than men. 4. Which of the following powers gives the Senate its especially significant role in foreign affairs? A) The power to give or withhold consent on all treaties
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Unformatted text preview: B) The power to staff the Intelligence Oversight Committee C) The power to controll the State Department budget D) The power to control special investigations E) The power to control local Department of Defense sites 5. The key difference between an executive agreement and a treaty is A) an executive agreement cannot become law. B) a treaty must be ratified by three-fourths of the Senate. C) an executive agreement must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate. D) a treaty expires in ten years from the date of issue. E) an executive agreement has the effect of law when issued. 6. Most of the information obtained by the CIA comes from A) infiltration of protest groups. B) interception of mail. C) wiretaps. D) statistical abstracts, books, and newspapers. E) B and C. 7. George W. Bush replaced the policy of containment with the doctrine of A) disengagement. B) preemption. C) utility. D) diplomatic regionalism. E) functionalism....
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Poli313aLastQuizStudents - B The power to staff the...

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