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Sample Exam Questions Dr. Janni Aragon Identifications: Explain the significance of the term by using course materials. Complete sentences are required. A strong answer will be 4-5 sentences long. 1. Vandana Shiva 2. Globalization 3. Code Pink 4. Shroud of Silence 5. Gender Ads Sample Essay questions: Several sections of Women Transforming Politics discuss the different forms of political participation and resistance by communities of color or other disenfranchised groups. In Feminist Theory , bell hooks also refers to different forms of resistance and political action. What similarities exist between her points in Feminist Theory , two chapters of Women Transforming Politics or two chapters in Listen Up ? The UN is often described as a peace loving organization. Based on the readings from this term is this an accurate description? What are some of the biggest problems that the UN faces in its
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Unformatted text preview: efforts for peace making? How can the UN be more effective? Could changing the Charter of the UN help its work? What changes would help the UN and its work? Your response should refer specifically to chapter 7 in Mingst and Karns. You and the rest of your political science class (not your professor) are marooned on a desert island and have little hope of being rescued. The island, however, is large and fertile enough to support your group for years to come. You generally agree that some sort of social order should be created. What sort of political system would you recommend under these circumstances? How would you ensure that the system preserved itself in the years to come ? Sample questions culled from Sex, Power, Politics; Model United Nation; and American Politics courses that I have taught....
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