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Women’s Studies 206: Globalization and Resistance Dr. Janni Aragon M and Th 10-11:30 am, Cornett B111 Office Clear B119 M/Th, Weds Cornett A314a Facebook: Prof. Aragon Office Hours: M and Th 9:30-10 am, Weds 1-3pm OH: M/TH 4:30-5pm This course provides an in depth exploration into the examination of globalization. We will look at the intersection of globalization with race, class, nationalism, gender, sexism, consumerism and militarism. We will pay special attention to the different forms of resistance that women engage in reaction to globalization. The course will also provide students with a better understanding of global organizations that influence women’s lives in all communities and countries. Questions we will explore: How does globalization change women’s lives? What does globalization mean today? Required Reading to Purchase: Bayes, Jane, Patricia Begné, Laura Gonzalez, Lois Harder, Mary Hawkesworth, and Laura Macdonald, eds. 2006. Women, Democracy, and Globalization in North America: A Comparative Study . NY: Palgrave Macmillan. WDG Enloe, Cynthia. 2007. . Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. Enloe Readings made available via Reserve Reading. RR Quizzes: There will be 3-4 unannounced quizzes, no make ups. Papers: Students will write two papers (8-9 pages, 9-10 pages). The paper assignments are included in the syllabus. Do not cite Wikipedia, or as sources in any of your course work. 15 minute Group Presentation: Groups of 2-3 students will collaborate on leading the class discussion of a reading or website and will distribute a one page handout to the class. Power point presentations are unacceptable. The presentation schedule is included in the syllabus with the presentation dates noted {Mon or Thurs}. Facebook : Make sure that you log in at least once per week. Log in by week 3 and start a discussion thread by week 10. Library Workshop : This is a mandatory advanced research workshop that will be facilitated by Ms. Tina Bebbington the UVIC Library Women’s Studies research specialist. There will be a research assignment related to the workshop. 2 nd Paper Consultation: Students will meet with me by Fri, Mar 28 th . Participation/Attendance : Come to class prepared to participate. I will take roll. The make-up of the course is as follows: Papers 60 ^2 nd Paper consultation 5 Group Presentation 10 Advanced Library Workshop 10 {Mandatory/No Make ups} Facebook 2 Quizzes 15 Participation/Attendance 3 Schedule: We will not meet during Reading Break (Feb 18-22). Week 1: Jan 3 rd Course Introduction World Bank International Money Fund World Trade Org NAFTA Secretariat “A Short World History of Seattle: 1994-2005” RR
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This note was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course WS 206 taught by Professor Aragon during the Three '08 term at Victoria AU.

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WS206_Spring_08_StudentVersion - Women's Studies 206:...

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