Lecture22 - Arminianism Lecture 22 This is Jacobus Arminius...

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1 The Components of Salvation Arminianism and Calvinism Regeneration and Conversion Repentance and Faith Lecture 22 Arminianism This is Jacobus Arminius. This is an Armenian. Not the same Not the same This is Holland. This is Armenia. Arminianism and Calvinism • The Protestant Reformation spread to the Netherlands, where the Calvinist viewpoint came to be accepted. • Some theologians reacted negatively. Arminius’ followers presented a “Remonstrance” (protest) to Dutch church authorities in 1610. • The Calvinists held a Synod in the city of Dort in 1618-19. Five key points were articulated which repudiated Arminianism. J. Arminius (d. 1609) John Calvin (d. 1564) Arminian Theology Remonstrance of 1610 Election (or reprobation) is based on foreseen faith (or unbelief). Christ died for all, but only believers enjoy his forgiveness. Fallen man cannot do good or achieve saving faith without God’s power in the Holy Spirit. Grace is the beginning, continuation, and end of all good works, but is not irresistible. Grace can preserve the faithful, but it can also be lost. 1. Free Will & Human Ability (because of grace) 2. Conditional Election 3. General Atonement 4. Resistible Grace 5. Falling from Grace (loss of salvation) The Response: The Five Points of Calvinism ± ² ³ ´ Total Depravity : Fallen man is unable to respond savingly to the Gospel. We do not have free will. Unconditional Election
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Lecture22 - Arminianism Lecture 22 This is Jacobus Arminius...

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