Lecture29 - Lecture 29 Churches are everywhere. Unit III:...

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1 Unit III: We Are Dispensationalists A. The Church’s Nature – Ecclesiology The Definition of the Church The Origin of the Church Lecture 29 Churches are everywhere. The Church is amazing! We have a familiar, accepted idea of “church.” Buildings look a certain way Music sounds a certain way Preachers say certain things But take note: the Church is not like anything else! It’s not a business It’s not a school It’s not a team It’s not a political entity It’s not an entertainment venue It is the Body of Christ! • Purchased by his blood • Indwelt by the Holy Spirit • Saved from the wrath to come Theologically speaking, What is the Church? NO Not a voluntary club we decide to form. NO Not the building itself. YES The worldwide Body of Christ. Terminology English church is from the Greek kuriakon , “belonging to the Lord.” A place of meeting A local congregation The universal body of believers A particular denomination Hebrew qahal , “assembly, congregation,” Not a technical term: used of any gathering of people Translated ekklesia in the Septuagint Greek ekklesia , “assembly” Ek + kaleo = those who are “called out” Originally, not the people per se , but the meeting itself
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2 Uses of Ekklesia In secular Greek, the term described the assembly of citizens for town business. They were “called out” by the town crier. The term came to stand for any large gathering of people. There is no evidence ekklesia was ever used for a specifically religious gathering. Council of Elders Ancient Sparta Uses of Ekklesia In the New Testament, the term can refer to a political gathering. It can also refer to the “congregation” of Israel. Only once is it used in the Gospels to refer to the Christian Church: “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church ; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” Mt. 16:18 First technical use of the term. It is still future in Jesus’ day.
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Lecture29 - Lecture 29 Churches are everywhere. Unit III:...

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