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1 The Local Church Government Biblical Offices Ordinances Lecture 32 Episcopal Church Government Terminology : e piskopos , “overseer,” “bishop” Definition: oversight of a parish by a single leader Modern Examples : Methodists, Lutherans, Anglicans/Episcopalians, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Biblical support : the use of episkopos ; prominent leaders like Peter or James who stood out above the rest. Episcopal Church Government Presbyters or Priests Bishop Deacons Congregation Clergy Laity Presbyterian Church Government Terminology : presbyteros , “elder” Definition: The people elect ruling elders to the Session, which is part of a regional Presbytery Modern Examples: Presbyterian and Reformed churches Biblical support : use of presbyteros ; the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15) as a kind of presbytery General Assembly Synod Presbyterian Church Government Congregation Presbytery Session Elders or Presbyters Congregational Church Government Definition: The local congregation is autonomous. However, local churches may cooperate and voluntarily fellowship with other churches. Modern Examples: Evangelical Free, Congregationalists, various Baptists, IFCA, as well as most independent non-denominational Bible churches. Biblical support : Christ as Head of the body; the priesthood of all believers; the whole church as being involved in ministry.
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2 Congregational Church Government Autonomous Congregation informal association informal association Elders Biblical Offices of the Church Elder = the wise, older men who exercised spiritual leadership Overseer = one who “watches over” the church. The duties of the elder/overseer were basically those of a shepherd.
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lecture 32 - Episcopal Church Government Lecture 32...

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