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Class Presentations Outline

Class Presentations Outline - Verbal Presentation(10...

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Class Presentations MU0130 – Intro to Music Fall 2007 (Dr. Lee) Choose one (1) musical work. It can be anything*: vocal or instrumental, classical or popular, for the church of not for the church (this can be a good one if you want to argue for one or the other on the basis of one song), etc. You must do this presentation with another member in your class. One person will present the “Context” portion of the project, and the other student will present the “Content” portion . The entire presentation should last about 15 minutes. Use the following outline as a guide, but you may also be “creative” in presenting your work. * of course, music with words that have profanity or are of a graphic nature is not allowed
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Unformatted text preview: Verbal Presentation (10 minutes) 1. Context (about 5 minutes) - Historical (when, what stylistic period/decade, cultural/historical/musical influences) - Biographical (who wrote it, who performs it, why was it written) 2. Content (about 5 minutes) -Musical Elements (rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, dynamics, etc.) -Form/Structure -Stylistic influences Aural Presentation (3-5 minutes) 3. CD, DVD, YouTube, performance, class singing. Choose one method to present your musical choice. 4. A brief “Q & A” with the class Class Presentation Dates M November 5 DUE DATE FOR INFORMING ME OF YOUR CLASS PARTNER and MUSICAL SELECTION M December 3 T December 4 R December 6 M December 10 T December 11 R December 13...
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