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Music and Worship Paper MU0130 – Intro to Music (Dr. Lee) (Minimum 10 pages, double-spaced, Times-Roman 12 pt. font) PART I: Use of Music in Worship – A Personal Account In the first section (about 2-3 pages) of your paper, write about the churches you've attended, the worship traditions/contexts you have experienced. Describe and explain what you find meaningful or disturbing in how music is used in your worship experience (by “worship experience”, I am referring to corporate worship within a church context, or any large group context – you may even refer to chapel at Moody). PART II: Worship Evaluations Attend two (2) Sunday worship services at different churches. After the first part of the paper, the following is a guide WORSHIP CONTEXT Although labels can be dangerous and sometimes lead to negative stereotypes, how would you describe the worship service you attended? Choose one of the following that would describe the church you attended. Based on your observations, describe why you would “label” a church the way you do. Traditional
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