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Live More Musically - Assignment

Live More Musically - Assignment - today Do you think there...

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MU130: Intro to Music Andy Crouch: “Live More Musically” ( Christianity Today, August 2004) 1. What is the slogan that Andy Crouch found at Starbucks? 2. Who composed the Well-Tempered Clavier? What period of music history is this composer from? 3. What is the Greek word early theologians settled on, as they searched for a way to explain the relationships among the Holy Trinity? 4. Why is music important to you (or not)? How does it affect your life? Describe one experience when music was meaningful to you. 5. The article speaks of our consumer culture and “the belief that we can satisfy our deepest longings with purchases instead.” How do you see this in our churches
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Unformatted text preview: today? Do you think there is a “consumer culture” in where we decide to worship on Sundays? 6. When was the last time you sang or played an instrument (apart from a worship or chapel service)? How can you “live more musically”? List a few practical things you might be able to do, in addition to what you are already doing. 7. Mr. Crouch says that “To be sure, music still matters to us. It’s just that we have forgotten how to sing.” Do you agree with these statements? Do you agree with his notion that we are to “live more musically?”...
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