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Jazz Overview - JAZZ What is it Beginnings Overview of...

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1 JAZZ What is it? Beginnings Overview of different styles Jazz – what is it? Evolution of the name “hot music” “ratty music” “ragtime” “Jass” Jazz – Different “Styles” New Orleans (Dixieland) Big Band (Swing) Bebop Latin Jazz Free Jazz ( Avant-garde) Fusion (crossover) “The New Orleans Style”: The Birth of Jazz (c.1900) Ethnic Diversity of New Orleans (c. 1850 – 1900) Mostly rooted in African-American traditions West Africa Blues (musical feeling and musical form) Spirituals Ragtime (Scott Joplin) Partly rooted in European traditions European Classical Music Military Marches
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2 The Migration of Jazz: New Orleans Style Heads North Chicago (1915 – 1928) “Where Jazz Grew Up” (Chicago Style) Louis Armstrong Jazz – Heads east New York (1928 – present) “Jazz Capitol of the World” Jazz Centers in Manhattan Harlem (1928 – 1960’s) Greenwich Village (c. 1960 - ) Upper West Side, Lincoln Center (Columbus Circle) Jazz: “Big Band (Swing Style)”
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