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Spiritual Life and Community Syllibus

Spiritual Life and Community Syllibus - Moody Bible...

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Moody Bible Institute Syllabus Spiritual Life and Community MS-100 Fall 2007 Mrs. Pamela MacRae I. Course Description: This course is a study of the nature of discipleship that introduces the student to the foundational principles of the spiritual life. It will examine the nature and obligations of the spiritual life and the principles and practices that nurture it. It will also explore the relationship between the spiritual life and the church. II. Course Objectives: The student who successfully completes this course should: 1) Increase in their comprehension of the nature of a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ by gaining an understanding of the nature of the spiritual life and the foundational dynamics of spiritual growth. 2) Add to their foundational knowledge of the Bible and theology by using information gained in class and through personal study to begin formulating a biblically based theology of Christian spirituality. 3) Value the role the local church plays in the spiritual development of the believer. 4) Be able to articulate the biblical principles and foundational spiritual disciplines of the Christian life and support them from Scripture. 5) Function well in community within their small group and accountability relationship. III. Course Texts: Required Texts: Curtis, Brent and John Eldredge, The Sacred Romance (Thomas Nelson, 1997) ISBN: 0785273425 Koessler, John, True Discipleship: The Art of Following Jesus (Moody Publishers, 2003) ISBN: 080241642X Koessler, John, True Discipleship: A Companion Guide (Moody Publishers, 2003) ISBN: 0802416438 IV. Procedures and Methods: A. Lecture, Class Discussion and Active Learning: Course content will be delivered in a way that requires student involvement. Students are expected to participate with thought and interest in class discussion. You should read, marking the points of interest and then bring the book to class to use in our discussions. B. Accountability Pairs: Each student will be paired with another student in the class to meet with weekly throughout the semester to discuss their spiritual process. This should take no less than a half hour each week.
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C. Small Groups: Students will meet weekly in student-led small groups that will meet during the normal Monday class time except when noted in the class schedule. V. Course requirements: A. Reading: 1) The Sacred Romance: The student is required to read The Sacred Romance by September 26. 2) True Discipleship and True Discipleship: A Companion Guide: The student is required to read the corresponding chapter in True Discipleship and complete 3 of the 5 lessons (of their choice) in the Companion Guide prior to the day small groups meet. Students will turn in their workbook to Mrs. MacRae’s office at the end of the semester for a grade that will be assigned on the basis of completion.
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Spiritual Life and Community Syllibus - Moody Bible...

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