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Strategists Humanitarians Diplomats Light Temperature Color Truth/Facts Climate (Relationships) Beauty/Presentation Authenticity Feel good, Comfortable, ethos Impressive Integrity Togetherness (Love) Sense of Unity (Uniformity) Freedom Compassion Peace Confront, Spirited Forbearing, Gentle Nonconfrontational, Calm Analytical, Discerning Patient, Kind Artful Demeanor, Finesse Clarity, Accountability Loyalty Harmony, Order, Proportion Infrastructure Service Public Relations Straightforward Message Wise Approach Wise Timing Operational Leadership Cultural Leadership Political Leadership Self Righteous Self-serving (everyone has to be okay so I feel okay) Self absorbed Critical, harsh People Pleasing (not God pleasing) image management Self-righteously judgmental ENABLING Spin the truth Presumption martyr syndrome distort, redefine truth Impatience guilt trips (manipulative) victim Slander
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Unformatted text preview: gossip intimidating PRIDE FEAR DECIETFULNESS Prevent Problems Clean up Problems Decorate problems (Seems like/is a threat) (Seems/is Weak) (Seems/is Manipulative) How can ___ possibly. ..? Be so Demanding Be so Passive Lie like that I want you to. .. I don't want you too. .. Detached Be Bold Be Gracious Be Calm ID the problem Empathize with those involved Put the problem in perspective Expose the problem Hep the ones in need Wait, be sensitive to timing Fix the Problem Forbear the Problem Finesse the Problem Speak up, confront Listen, Be Patient Preface and nuance remarks Be ethical Be supportive Be creative Be Real, Offer Evidence Be Kind-Do a favor Be generous, Give a gift Focus on Facts Focus on feelings Focus on setting and mood PRIDE FEAR DECIETFULNESS Humility Courage Honesty...
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