Foreword - FOREWORD This is a timely book The great cry...

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FOREWORD This is a timely book. The great cry today is for leadership forma- tion, for the creation of a foolproof process that will ensure leader- ship success and shield growing organizations from leadership failure. The only problem is that this cry continues to go largely unheeded. Dr. Sarah Sumner, however, has a passion to see char- acter-centered leadership flourish within every organization, and her book offers a fresh, insightful perspective on this topic. Several years ago I had the privilege of hiring Dr. Sumner when I was at Azusa Pacific University. Since then, Sarah has gone on to distinguish herself as an able scholar, a profound teacher, and an impressive minister. Her insatiable appetite for learning is re- flected throughout these pages, as is her desire for excellence. In Leadership above the Line , Sarah introduces us to the People Model and offers a parable that shows how leadership develops. viii
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In the midst of this model, we see real personalities spring to life, wrestling not so much with principles, but with the competing pri- orities of real leadership in real time with real consequences. So many leadership books go one of two directions: either offering a didactic message that appeals to the hyperrational mind or offering a narrative approach that tugs on our emotions. The appeal of Sarah’s book is that it reaches out to both mind-sets. She
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Foreword - FOREWORD This is a timely book The great cry...

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