Helpful Hints - New Testament Survey Helpful Hints Dear...

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New Testament Survey Helpful Hints Dear students! This is a handy little guide to aid you as you write your New Testament reading reports. The format will be similar, but slightly different than what you might have done in Old Testament Survey. This is just a guide and so it isn’t absolutely necessary that you follow everything precisely as written, but we remind you that grading papers is a subjective process. The better your papers are, the happier we are to grade them, and the better grades you get! Some of the points listed in this guide may seem rudimentary and redundant, but you wouldn’t believe some of the questions we have to field. A reading report with two parts: Different from OT Survey, NT Survey requires you to write chapter titles for each chapter you read. This is part 1 of the reading report and should ideally be FIRST in your reading report. We grade the titles first and so we don’t want to have to flip through part 2 to find them. You staple parts one and two together to form one paper (don’t leave the parts separate) and part one (the chapter titles) should be the first page of your reading report. See sample paper. Chapter titles: This is an example: Matthew 1 – Genealogy from Abraham to Joseph and Christ’s birth Matthew 2 – The Magi’s visit and Herod’s slaughter Matthew 3 – John preaches and baptizes Jesus
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course BI 1112 taught by Professor Marty during the Spring '08 term at Moody Bible Institute.

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Helpful Hints - New Testament Survey Helpful Hints Dear...

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