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S P E E C H C O M M U N I C A T I O N — C M 1 2 0 Interpersonal Project The purpose of this project is to apply the principles of interpersonal communication to our lives. 1. Select an area and/or principle of interpersonal communication that you would like to focus on in your own life. Examples: using accurate language, getting physically and mentally ready to listen, self-disclosure, appropriate response to conflict. 2. Seek Scripture to determine what it has to say about this area of your interpersonal life. What principles apply? 3. Identify a person you know who models this principle. This person will serve as your mentor throughout the project. Ideally, you should plan to meet regularly with your mentor. At least, you must have regular contact with him/her. He/She should know about your project, should keep you accountable in your project, should serve as a sounding board for you in your project, and should serve as a model in this area of interpersonal communication. 4.
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