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S P E E C H C O M M U N I C A T I O N Persuasive Speech The Purpose: To lead your audience to a specific belief and/or action. The Assignment: Choose a speech topic —something that is currently in the news, or something from the topic suggestion list. This must be a topic that you have not researched in depth before. Complete an audience analysis , describing your audience in detail. For this speech, your audience is an educated teen or adult audience. You may fill in the other details. Research your topic, citing at least three sources (books, periodicals, interviews, etc.).
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Unformatted text preview: You may also refer to no more than one authoritative, credible Internet sources. Complete a works cited page of your three sources, using the MLA format. Complete a speech outline , including the following . . . Speech Goal Thesis statement of your position Attention Getting Introduction Outline Present your case Refute the opposition Memorable Conclusion Use at least one professional-quality visual aid . For this speech, it must be a handout, PowerPoint presentation, or overhead transparency. Keep your speech to between 9 and 10 minutes !...
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