SPSyll-Spring2008 - MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE Speech...

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M O O D Y B I B L E I N S T I T U T E Speech Communication Course: GS0120 Office: Fitzwater 306 Professor: Kelli Worrall Phone: x4173 Semester: Spring 2008 E-mail: [email protected] Course Description This course is a practice-oriented introduction to interpersonal communication, small group, and public speaking skills. Attention is given to the fundamental process of ideas, organization of materials, speaker-listener relationship, group dynamics, along with the use of the voice and nonverbal expression. Course Objectives The students will be able to: 1. identify the components of the communication process. 2. recognize and analyze factors of interpersonal communication. 3. function effectively in a small group. 4. apply the skills of research, critical thinking, organization, and audience analysis to speech writing. Required Texts Verderber, Rudolf. Communicate! (twelfth edition) Course Requirements 1. Read the assigned chapters and be ready to discuss them in class. Your participation is imperative as we strive to create a collaborative learning environment. 2. Write the assigned weekly response papers (2-page minimum), interacting with the reading and the class discussions. Your response papers should not be a mere summary of what you read or discussed, but should accomplish one or more of the following objectives: Analyze the material. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Is it true? Is it complete? Is it helpful? Etc. Explain where you agree and/or disagree with the reading and/or class discussion and why. Critical thinking is most encouraged. Integrate your Biblical worldview with the reading and/or class discussion. Explore how you can apply the reading or class discussion to a particular situation or relationship from
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This note was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course GS 1120 taught by Professor Worrall during the Spring '08 term at Moody Bible Institute.

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SPSyll-Spring2008 - MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE Speech...

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