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Cassaundra Cornell Lecture Notes Animal Science Fall 2007 Jones 8-27-2007 Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)- A transmittable, slowly progressive disease, degenerative and fatal disease; affecting the central nervous system of adult cattle. Researchers believe that the infectious agent that cause mad cow disease is an abnormal version of a protein normally found on cell surfaces, called a prion. For reasons still unknown this protein becomes altered and destroys nervous system issue-the brain and spinal cord. National Animal Identification System (NAIS)- A system used to identify animals and the premises where they have been, in order to provide the potential to identify and isolate threatening diseases. Largest Beef Producers- The two largest beef producers are Tyson and Excel. Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)- A highly contagious and economically devastating disease of cattle and swine. It also affects all other cloven footed ruminants’. Many affected animals recover, but the disease leaves them debilitated. FMD causes sever losses in the production of milk and meat. Because it spreads wildly and rapidly and because; it has grave economic as well as physical consequences, FMD is one of the animal diseases that livestock owners dread the most. The disease does not affect food and safety of humans. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)- Under the Tariff Act of 1930, nearly every imported into the US must indicate to the ultimate purchaser its country of origin. Hog Cholera (Swine Fever)- Only occurs in pigs Banned vaccine, must kill all disease infested pigs. 8-29-2007 Kentucky and Tennessee are the 6 th and 7 th largest cattle (beef) producers in the US. Body Condition Scores- Cattle need to have a body score of around a 5 to 6 to be able to calve properly. Distiller’s Grain- Has protein, fat, as well as dry, mash or liquid. Can be feed to most animals. Bi- product of ethanol (corn).
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The Meat Industry will eventually shit from Kentucky and Tennessee to Nebraska and Kansas. Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease (CJD)- A rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease of unknown cause. Patients are usually aged between 50 and 75 and typical clinical features include a rapidly progressive dementia associated, myoclonus and a characteristic electroencephalographic pattern. Neuropath logical examination reveals cortical spongiform change, hence the term `spongiform encephalopathy' It is one of the prions. The animal form is BSE. Scrape- Naturally occurring fatal degenerative disease of sheep and goats (domestic and wild) affecting the central nervous system. It was first recorded in the United Kingdom in 1732. The disease was imported in to Canada from the UK in 1938. It is known as a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) of which BSE or “mad-cow disease” is also included. Scrape unlike BSE has no scientific evidence to indicate that it poses a risk to human health. However, any animal with scrapie or exposed to the disease must be kept out of the food chain. While the true cause of the disease is still debated, it is commonly accepted that
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Animal Science 140 - Cassaundra Cornell Lecture Notes...

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