Essay #3 - It's Only a Window Dressing My hometown is...

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It’s Only a Window Dressing My hometown is small, and the days are always hazy in the depth of the summer heat. But like all kids, I know that school is just around the corner. Adair County has a certain pace that never changes, but it seems, however, this year it will. Recently, in my hometown, the school board decided to build a new elementary school in the city of Columbia. They will be shutting down the out of town schools: Sparksville, Knifley, and Shepherd Grade Centers. I will be straightforward with you: I hate this decision with a passion. The Adair County School Board should not have closed these grade centers to open up one central elementary school in the town of Columbia, because it will cut the teaching jobs, use up money that should be used in other areas in our school system, and will put even more stress on the students than ever before. I will grant that there are differing viewpoints on this issue, and hopefully in my essay I can take you below the “window dressing” that the school board has slapped in the newspapers about the facility, and show you what the real side effects will be to the community. Adair County school board members and project coordinators broke ground for the new Adair County Elementary School in 2003. It has taken almost two years of planning and preparation for the new facility to become a reality. The School Board and supporters of the new elementary school say that this will be a “modern facility.” Every room will have hard wiring, so that each student can have a computer, with Internet access. The local newspapers are flooded with all the good things that will be made available to the students once the school has been
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opened. In one newspaper, a reporter interviewed the school board’s chairmen. This is what he had to say about the new school: “I think the new school will be a great asset to our community. It will better utilize our resources to better meet the educational needs of all of our students."
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Essay #3 - It's Only a Window Dressing My hometown is...

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