Into to College Writing Essay # 1

Into to College Writing Essay # 1 - Cassaundra Cornell Dr...

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Cassaundra Cornell Dr. Grubbs Introduction to College Writing 9030 10 July 2006 The Barn It is five o’clock every morning when my alarm goes off; I roll over and plan on hitting the snooze button, but it never happens. I go to the barn to do chores, to help my family and to spend time with my horses. It has become a ritual that continues to develop strong bonds between my horses and me; I can see a bond in the way that my horses act towards me, as if I mean something to them. I throw on my school clothes, which usually consists of a pair of tattered Levis, a farm shirt, and my worn-in boots. I throw my hair into a ponytail and put on a cap, and then it is off to the kitchen to get my morning coffee where I must restrain myself from getting another cup. I am greeted by my dogs clattering at my feet wanting attention and any scraps of food that I might have. It is chilly outside of my room, so I put a few more logs in the wood stove. I walk into the den to grab my jacket: it is thirty degrees outside, and snow has blanketed the fields and the trees on my farm. I head to the barn for morning chores, hands in my pockets, staring looking at the ground Every morning as I walk to the barn I hear the horses whinnying at me in the field. The actions of the horses make me feel that they are happy to see me. I am immediately transfixed; I
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Into to College Writing Essay # 1 - Cassaundra Cornell Dr...

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