Women and New Fertility Methods

Women and New Fertility Methods - Women and New Fertility...

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Women and New Fertility Methods Infertility is without a doubt a life altering experience. From your self-esteem, to plans and dreams for the future, and relationships with friends, family and even your spouse can all become affected. Women who are told that they cannot conceive often feel lost or alone when they leave their gynecologist’s office. They close up their feelings to their partners, family and friends because infertility is such a personal and private issue; many couples are hesitant to share their experiences openly with others. Women should use new pregnancy resources if existing medical procedures do not help the woman conceive. Couples sometimes think, “what if we are never able to have children.” This is freighting to couples trying to conceive. Women tend to have emotional tendencies when they find out that they will have a hard time conceiving a child, or can not at all. Women might suffer from depression, self-esteem issues, and they might start to believe that their dreams are lost. At this point, women should take into consideration speaking with a therapist or councilor to discuss underling emotions and fears. Women should also try to maintain good relationships with husbands and partners. By discussing the situation regularly. Talking to friends or another trusted confidant might actually prove to be more helpful is some situations than that of a spouse. My point, coming from a female
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Women and New Fertility Methods - Women and New Fertility...

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