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Central Michigan University Professor Pecquet Macroeconomics 204 Study Guide for Exam 1 September 25, 2007 Study Guide for Lectures 2-5. Lectures 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3 review basic concepts that you have already seen in Economics 203. Specifically, the production possibilities curve and demand and supply (including an analysis of tax incidence). Lectures 3, 4 and 5 cover chapters 17, 18 and 16 from the textbook respectively. General Advice: The exam will consist approximately of 50 multiple choice questions and these will be an extra credit essay question or problem to be determined later. Test questions are weighted approximately in relation to the lecture time spent on each chapter: The test questions will break down the material approximately as follows: Lecture 1 0% Lecture 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 10-15% Lecture 3 (Chapter 17) 35-45% Lecture 4 (Chapter 18) 20-30% Lecture 5 (Chapter 16) 20-30% I hope that you have taken the Blackboard chapter quizzes. They are intended to both serve as a learning tool and indicate where your weakness may lie in order to focus your study more effectively. 1
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My recipe for studying: I. Print the handout version of my PowerPoint Lecture slides on Blackboard. Take out your class notes that correspond to each slide. Often my slides are will also refer to contain graphs, tables and discussions in the text. Study my slides, your notes and the textbook together. This will present a most complete picture of each topic. II. Review the major points of each lecture, key definitions and examples. These provide essential material for test questions. III. Reduce your study notes to a one-page Outline. This helps you to remember key points and organize your thoughts. IV. Make a list of all important graphs, charts, tables and handouts from the text and lectures etc. Be able to explain each and place them into the outline in III V. Go over each of the homework questions and answers, especially the ones that were not turned in with answers in the back of the book. I will use the Critical analysis questions as material for multiple choice questions. VI. Brush up on coursebook true-false & multiple choice to retest your comprehension. You might even be surprised to find a few coursebook multiple choice questions mixed in the exam. VII.
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StudyGuide 204 Exam1 - Central Michigan University...

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