PsychSensationPerception - Each canal occupies a unique...

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Psych 2-6-8 Sensation and Perception SIX senses We perceive in order to behave. We are always bathed in physical energy. Sensory systems convert this to a neuro which in turn leads to our experience. No DIRECT access to world. Transduction- Conversion of physical energy into neural information Physical Energy 1. Electromagnetism- form of physical energy that stimulates the visual system 2. Mechanical 3. Chemical 4. Mechanical 5. Chemical 6. Mechanical Sensory Systems 1. Visual System 2. Audition System 3. Olfactory System 4. Somesthesis 5. Gustatory 6. Orientation System Experience 1. Sight 2. Hearing
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3. Smell 4. Touch 5. Taste 6. Balance Orientation through transduction Orientation receptors located in the inner ear. Bumps beside cochlea (Utricle)- signals the position of the head at rest, full of thick substance called endolymph, hair cells have signals that are sent to the brain. Calcium carbonate sits on top of hair cells. When the hair cells bend, Na+ leaks out onto Ca(CO 3 ). Semi-circular Canals – each canal is at a right angle to the other.
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Unformatted text preview: Each canal occupies a unique plane of space. Signal acceleration within a given plane of space. Also filled with endolymph, but have a wad of hair cells Audition Basilar Membrane- very pliable, hooked to fibers going to the auditory nerve Tectorial- thick stiff membrane, hooked to fibers going to the auditory nerve Frequency- pitch Amplitude- volume Complexity- how complex the wave actually is, timbre Transduction occurs inside the cochlea at the hair cells. Humans hear from 20-2000Hz From 300/500-2000Hz the basilar membrane operates as a keyboard Any wave below 20Hz is called infrasound. Infrasound makes people feel creepy. The brain takes up about 3% of our body, but requires 20% of our energy. Phenomenal Experience- Perception Subjective Contour- area 18 Acuity- the ability to resolve fine detail in the visual field Cones- give us color Rods- night vision, sense light and dark Color blindness- results from distribution of cones...
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PsychSensationPerception - Each canal occupies a unique...

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