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Soc 341 Dr. N. Vaidya 11/08/07 The Manufacturing of Gender Although ones sex is concrete, gender is constructed, built and categorized by society. Looking at America’s past from as far back to the 30’s and the baby boom era, popular views on gender definitions have connections and explanations for today’s prevailing gender characterizations. The examination of gender differences is crucial to understanding the prevailing gender norms. To properly examine the baby boom era, which took place roughly during the 1960’s, it’s important to study trends and factors that came about following the 1970’s to the present. One of the prevailing dominated social norms during the 1970s was the difference in wages, which can be linked to education and opportunity, “Since industrialization women as a group have earned approximately 60 per cent of male earnings; only in 1990 did they break through the 70 per cent barrier” (Walsh 1997). Although these differences in income show the skewed differences between male and female, it also gives a little insight into the possible gender differences. Although the statistic that shows differences in income between the two sexes, it’s important to also state that the income can be directly affected by education levels. In the past, many women would stay at home and take care of their ‘duties’ as a housewife, which would in turn increase
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the drop out rate in high school and decrease the amount of females in college. However, these social reasons are not genetic, women were mainly forced into
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Soc 341 Term Paper - Soc 341 Dr N Vaidya The Manufacturing...

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