essay for crim 454 - Death Investigation Prof Wong Bearing...

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Death Investigation Prof. Wong Bearing Arms Firearms have always been an established right for citizens to own in America. However, given the amount of homicides surrounding firearms, would a ban on gun ownership result in a positive and/or negative outcome? This essay explores the statistics of homicide related crimes and suicides, which are focused on firearm homicides, in hopes of drawing a conclusion to whether or not gun ownership has a positive role. The first issue at hand is the role firearms have in suicides. Although suicides are executed in different ways, firearms are the most popular. In a study of suicide deaths, a small review of suicides from the 1998 to two thousand and one was done in the area of Indianapolis, Indiana. This study was to research suicides in a metropolitan area, including the method. The study showed that in their 3 years, firearms were the most popular way of suicide, accounting for roughly 60% of all victims who suffered a fatal gunshot wound (Shen, Hackworth, McCabe, Lovett, Aumage, O'Neil, Bull, 2006). In another study done by Webster, Vernick, Zeoli, and Mangenello, youth suicides in America between the ages of 14 through twenty, and from the
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essay for crim 454 - Death Investigation Prof Wong Bearing...

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