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Crim 301 Kubicek Research Paper Outline I. Introduction a. Are gangs and gang violence correlated with socio economic conditions. b. This is important in that researching the roots and causes of certain crimes/problems gives insight into how these come around and hopefully contributes to a solution. Point 1: Gang motivated violence increased with low levels of socioeconomic conditions Point2: Ethnicity relates to gang crime, however further studies show poverty trends associated with race. Point3: Gang formations impact neighborhood crime patterns, thus creating gang violence in given areas. C. Do gangs in low economic conditions become more prevalent? Do any other factors play in gang membership besides poverty? Such as ethnicity and/or class? What impact do gangs have in a given neighborhood, such as crime patterns?
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Unformatted text preview: II. Crime is clearly linked to low income (John, 2007) which in turn is used with the gang mapping tool to properly assess where gang crime is most prevalent (Block, 2000). III. Ethnicity plays somewhat of a role in gang membership, however that is because of economic class within ethnic groups. For example, Caucasians show the least amount of gang membership, however show the lowest rates of poverty (John, 2007). IV.Gang crime has a social impact on neighborhoods because certain crimes become more prevalent, and show trends that can be evaluated in neighborhoods with higher gang membership. This helps with determining levels of crime and also probably victimization of gang crime pertaining to neighborhoods with high levels of gangs (Peterson D., Taylor J., Esbensen, F., 2004)....
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