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Joshua Salto A Breed of Their Own It is Game seven of the World Series; your team is down by three runs. It is bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. You are up to bat; you have been zero for the last four at bats. Your coach has complete confidence in you. You approach the batter’s box and you are nervous. You have never dreamed of actually being in that situation. Well in order to get to that situation, you would have to prepare yourself. The most important and critical phase in a baseball players career is when he is a student athlete. Student athletes are a breed of their own. They have a different set of lifestyle compared to regular students in the high school level. The most common difference is the athletes focus on their sports and still manages time to train and have a social life. Athletes also do better in school compared to students who don’t do any clubs, sports, or activities. Student athletes also have more character on and off the field compared to any other group of students. Athletes also healthier and have longer life expectantsees compared to any other group. It is every high school athletes’ dream to play a professional sport. Let’s take baseball for example; a baseball player starts off playing the sport around the age of six, playing t-ball for the little league. The dreams they develop as they start to grow is to play in the Little League World Series at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Many dreams are shattered at the end of the 11-12 division of the league. Most of the kids will not make the cut to play in the Little League World Series. Many will quit baseball after that year, but for those who continue, they still play for an additional two years in the Little League. Once the last couple of years of little league baseball finishes, only an estimate of thirty players continue on to play in high school out of the two hundred who started with them at the age of six. Out of these thirty players, only fifteen of them would continue to play all four years in high school. These fifteen remaining players are all 1
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Joshua Salto urged to continue playing after high school. So they were all given information about college recruitment. As a baseball player, playing the sport is necessary in your life. It was embedded into your system when they were younger. As an athlete there comes a sacrifice. You sacrifice time in order to meet the expectations of their coach, their team and their prospective college. As an athlete they will train every day for about an average of four to six hours seven days a week. They train in order to meet the vigorous demands of possible college or even professional baseball. Chip Stahl is the president of Coast to Coast baseball. Coast to Coast is an organization in which scouted high school athletes are asked to try out for the Coast to Coast team. The tryouts are held all over the United States and the team is made up with athletes from all over the U.S. The athletes, who make the team, get to choose which trip to go on. Many choose to go to the
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salto-24-p2-fd1 - Joshua Salto A Breed of Their Own It is...

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