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Joshua Salto December 2, 2007 The Country Influenced By Advertisements In the advertising industry, there are many techniques used to attract the eyes of possible consumers. These techniques include children, cartoons, bright vivid colors, and the exploitation of women. In these two ads, we see couple of the techniques right away that work throughout the entire advertisement. The bright vivid colors in both the ads make the scene very appealing to the eye and it encourages us to want what they have because we want to be in the area of that nice bright color. The other thing we notice right away in the ad is the beautiful woman. The advertisements are really eye openers, but, these advertisements send the wrong message. In this case it tries to sell you; well they try to sell Coca-Cola and also Pepsi. Both these companies are rivals trying to sell a cola drink in which they use the same advertising strategies to sell their product. The tactic of deceiving the consumer is one of many used by the marketing director in any company just like the companies of Coco-Cola and Pepsi. In a study, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire found that bright and vivid colors attracts the eyes better and faster than darker colors. Colors also help trigger emotion. The researchers after the study created a chart for every color. The subjects tested ranged from junior high students to retired senior citizens. For instance, the vivid colors in the ads show happiness. The bright yellow jacket and the yellow hat helps the young lady in the Coca-Cola ad looks more happy because the color yellow in the ad helps exemplify the emotion of happiness and does so more since the background in the ad is dark. This sense of happiness showed by the picture wants us as consumers, makes the consumers compelled to buy the
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salto-finaldraft-project-1 - Joshua Salto December 2 2007...

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