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Sean Litchfield Rachel Loischild History of Photography April 16, 2008 Short Essay For Final Exam Mary Ellen Mark and Dorothea Lange we able to capture so well the true, honest life of the American people. Both of these extraordinary women photographed a less beautiful side of America. Their photos evoke emotion and passion. The look in the people’s eyes they are photographing is so sincere and almost frightening. Both of these women photographed The Great Depression. Their images are so similar in the fact that they show how life was really like for the American people. In Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” she captures a mother of two boys. They are so dirty and worn that the viewer can’t help but to put his self in her situation, right where she is, trying to deal with everything. There is a deep sadness in her eyes. She looks like she’s been beaten down so many times and can barely hang on to any bit of hope she has left. Dorothea Lange really exposes how horrible The Great Depression really was. Like Lange, Mary Ellen
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