Paper1 - Litchfield 1 Sean Litchfield September 26, 2007...

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Sean Litchfield September 26, 2007 English101 Janet Gillespie Commute Already running late for class, I quickly gathered my stuff and raced out the door. The clacking of my flip-flops down four flights of stairs was sure to wake every person in my building who was fortunate enough to sleep this late. If I can’t sleep in, no one can. After gliding down the stairs and blasting through the two doors that made an ear- shattering squeak, I was finally on my way. It was only eight thirty AM and the scorching sun was already beating down. I heard that temperatures were supposed to reach record highs today. Great! Nothing like some summer heat to help with my morning commute. I turned right on Jersey Street. Few people were around. Construction workers sipping steaming hot Dunkin Donuts coffee gathered around a table with some roughly drawn blueprints. An elderly couple sat beneath an awning at a local coffee shop reading the latest news headlines. Aside from the heat, it was a gorgeous day. The scene was very calm and relaxed, despite my disarray. I could hear the soft, lulling sounds of birds chirping in the lush green trees overhead. The bright sun shined through the trees creating a freckled pattern on the sidewalk. A frigid air from the 7 Eleven blew over me giving me goosebumps. I would have loved to be at the coffee shop with my laptop or an iPod taking it all in, but I had to continue on my journey to class. I passed Queensberry and Peterborough and I was finally at Boylston Street. A
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This essay was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course ENG 101 taught by Professor Blah during the Spring '08 term at Art Institute.

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Paper1 - Litchfield 1 Sean Litchfield September 26, 2007...

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