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Litchfield 1 Sean Litchfield Janet Gillespie ENG101 November 15, 2007 Get Over it! What if someone told you that you couldn’t marry your lover, your best friend, your soul mate? What if someone said that you couldn’t have children? What if you got fired from your job based on something you have absolutely no control over? I would imagine you wouldn’t be too pleased to hear it. But if you’re a gay man or woman living in The United States these issues are all too familiar. It’s important to understand this very controversial issue in order to come up with a decision to agree or disagree. Across this beloved country of ours people are being mistreated based on a very small part of their personal lifestyle. It is inhumane to deny someone these very basic and simple rights. For any straight couple it’s easy; they go to city hall to get their marriage license and on the way home stop by an adoption agency and pick out a nice looking baby. But if you’re a gay couple it’s probably illegal to get a marriage license or adopt a child. Doesn’t it seem silly to not allow someone to get married based on his or her sexual orientation? And then to tell them they can’t even have a child together just puts the icing on the cake. If you’re a die-hard American who will do anything for your country and you find out you can’t serve because you like the same sex? Or if you find out your boss is a huge homophobe and fires you because he found out you’re gay? It’s not just silly, in so ridiculous it doesn’t even make sense. Having the right to marry, have children, have equal job opportunities, and serve in the military are very reasonable demands that should
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Litchfield 2 be granted by the U.S. government. The United States has an policy of the separation of church and state and all men
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persuasive - Litchfield 1 Sean Litchfield Janet Gillespie...

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