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Christopher McKenzie PH101 C November 2, 2007 This New Nature Can you remember a day when the sun was gently warming your face, the silent summer breeze caressed your hair, and the sweet smell of a Korean Spice tree hung in the air? Think about how that made you feel. Now, can you remember a day when you were standing in a compost pile with the extreme stench of rotting vegetation lingered and the sky was dark and hazy? Or a day when mountains of tires surrounded you and chemical waste drizzled into a quaint little pond? The typical natural landscapes we think of would be mountain ranges, lakes, forests, waterfalls, and beaches, to name a few. More recently, within the past 300 years, these landscapes are dramatically changing and new ones are forming, mostly due to industrialization. The photographs taken by Edward Burtynsky show these changes in incredible real-life images. It’s amazing how much his work resembles great landscape photographers prior to the 1900’s when they focused on the beauty of nature. Edward Burtynsky’s work is different. His photographs are landscapes, but they focus on the ugly, destruction of nature. It’s as if mankind has taken what we know and love and completely destroyed it. He captures this so well in his photographs. Through his pictures, Edward Burtynsky is able to show how human beings are impacting the environment. It’s not so much about how we’re doing it, but why we’re letting it happen. Edward Burtynsky’s photography depicts the impact of humanity on the
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ResearchPaper - Sean Litchfield Christopher McKenzie PH101...

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