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Litchfield 1 Sean Litchfield Janet Gillespie ENG101 FALL 2007 November 1, 2007 The Challenges of Boyhood It’s something all grown men have gone through; boyhood. They all have different experiences. Some of them may have had a great boyhood full of wealth and joy while others may have not been as fortunate. Nonetheless, I’m almost positive all men have had some sort of issues growing up whether it was being teased by bullies, a bad hair-do, or simply not having a lot of friends. They character in Bernard Cooper’s story A Clack of Tiny Sparks; Remembrance of A Gay Boyhood , the author introduces a boy who is just becoming aware of his sexuality. This is not a typical problem for most boys growing up, though from personal experience, it is typical of all gay boys. The character self-named, Cooper, is about twelve years old attending school and lives in what he thinks is a heterosexual world. His is unaware of homosexuality at the time but further discovers it’s existence within himself. Another story written by a different author, Langston Hughes, depicts a situation in which a young boy, like Cooper, is being faced with God and spirituality. In Salvation , the boy is growing up in the South and has been told by his elders that he is suppose to be seeing Jesus at church and will be “saved” when he does. Surrounded by dozens of men and women praising and praying, he lies and says he saw Jesus. His actions lead him into a state of remorse and guilt because he, in fact, did not see Jesus and lied to the church. Both of these short stories show two adolescent boys facing very different issues but it’s how they deal with them that brings
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ContrastEssay - Litchfield 1 Sean Litchfield Janet...

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