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Sean Litchfield September 19, 2007 ENG101 Janet Gillespie Response to “Gay Boyhood” For me, this story brought forth a lot of emotions and remembrance of similar experiences in my lifetime. It’s interesting how someone can relate so much to a text with out having any prior knowledge of it. The title caught my interest right away; “Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood.” I can relate to the narrator deeply as we have gone through similar experiences. I admire the narrator’s naiveté. He is a sweet, decent kid who just happens to like guys. It’s really a shame that he would have to worry about being judged when there is such a remarkable individual underneath. That first experience he had with Grady Rogers in the pool is really a beautiful thing. He is, for the first time, somewhat realizing that he probably isn’t ever going to like girls. Yet he still persists on his journey with the hope that he can change. But like most homosexuals that have failed this task, he too can’t change who he really is. It’s not
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