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Litchfield 1 Sean Litchfield Robyn Artis English II April 17, 2008 In the story “Where Are You Going Where Have You Been” by Joyce Carol Oates, a young girl, Connie, faces a temptation from a boy she meets at a local diner. There are all different elements in this story that contribute to a transformation of consciousness for Connie. She thinks in a different way at the beginning of the story than she does at the end. She is just a naïve young girl in which different things in her environment shape who she is and maybe even make her become a better woman than she once was. A transformation of consciousness is a process that a hero must undergo in order to achieve greatness. At the beginning of the story the reader learns that Connie is a bubbly, fun, wild, fifteen year old girl. She is the opposite of her sister, June, who is a secretary at Connie’s school. Connie dislikes how her sister tends to be the favorite of her parents and it seems like Connie yearns to be like her but can’t because of her social standings with her friends. At this point in the story, Connie really doesn’t have a clue of the events that will later follow. She’s just going about her teenage life, living as she pleases, and disobeying her parents. She’s a quite typical image of a teenage girl. She’s the girl all the guys gawk over during class and when she talks to them they are left speechless with their tongues dragging as they follow her around. She is so naïve here. She has absolutely no sense of reality. She has had nothing but love and good times from her friends that she doesn’t know that this world isn’t perfect like the little fairytale she lives in.
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Litchfield 2 Next, Connie and her friends are dropped off at the shopping plaza. They are dressed in mini skirts, shirt’s pulled up exposing their flat toned stomachs, completely different than how they left their houses. Connie knows she’s asking for people to stare at
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englishfinalpaper - Litchfield 1 Sean Litchfield Robyn...

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