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Joshua Salto Harry Potter and Iraq Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, written by J.K. Rowling, has influenced many minds of children, teenagers, and families of all ages. Rowling used many techniques and a bit of imagination to tell the reader a story about a boy named Harry Potter. Harry Potter was a ten year old boy; he was horribly abused emotionally by his aunt and uncle and was abused physically by his cousin. Harry in turn, lived a life isolated. This basic principal can be translated into many different aspects of today’s world. The isolation in the Harry Potter book is also prevalent in Iraq. The state of Iraq the first year of Operation Iraqi Freedom was similar to the situation of Harry. Iraq was very isolated because of the war that is going on. Saddam Hussein can be pictured as lord Voldemort, or as the book puts it, You-Know-Who. These comparisons may be out there but they make sense. In the book Harry’s parents were murdered by Lord Voldemort. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein murdered a hundred and forty-eight Iraqi Shi’ites. More comparisons are more evident as the atsmosphere of the Dursley’s house; Harry lived in a closed, isolated world, in which it was literally a locked closet under the stairs. Neglected by his aunt and uncle, Harry was abused by his cousin Dudley. In the war of Iraq, it has been said that the U.S. has been neglecting their duties in Iraq for their own gain, such as the oil over there. The U.S. seemed to be taking advantage of Iraq for its resources and also have been causing tensions between the Middle East and the U.S. Harry was taken advantaged of during his time at the Dursley’s because the Dursley’s were afraid of him because he was a wizard. So they took advantage if him by taking all his freedom away. The United States invaded Iraq to liberate, but on the other hand, they also seemed very interested in the oil production and also for the potential resource trades with Iraq itself. 1
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Joshua Salto As the book is starting to progress, Harry is going to start life and change and grow through the process of self-discovery. Harry in the very first few days starting school at Hogwarts, changed his perceptions of people, made friends, and become instant topic to talk about. Harry was known for being the only own to vanquish the power of lord Voldemort and he is famous and known by every wizard. On a similar note, when the statue of Saddam Hussein was torn down from the town square, all of Iraq celebrated. This instance was the first of many turning points for the future and the shape of Iraq. Iraq has changed from being a weak dependent nation to a nation that is independent, democratic and also being watched at very closely by the world. Harry, a Gryffindor, has enemies like any other. His apposing rival and house is Draco Malfoy from the Slytherin house. Draco Malfoy is very baneful and rancorous character in the novel. Draco Malfoy means a monster that brings ill will. As the growth Harry
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salto-24-p3-fd - Joshua Salto Harry Potter and Iraq Harry...

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