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Pets are mans best friends. They are there to comfort their owner, they also protect it’s family and is most importantly part of the family. I have several pets a cat, couple turtle, and fish. I treat them all like if they were family. I am very appalled by the act of the woman committed in the article. She has left the animals pretty much to die for in the rooms of her house. She was only charged with twelve misdemeanors on animal cruelty she deserves more on the sole reason that she had over a hundred different corpses in her house. Her house was full with decayed animals and also of feces. The cats and dogs in her basement were not fed for ages. The doctors said that she suffered from an illness that needs animals to comfort her and that the authorities said that she recently purchased more pets and the store. Her neighbors said that she is only contacted if one of the dogs runs away. She lives by herself and sleeps outside in a plastic bin. I think that she should have been turned in a while ago
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Unformatted text preview: by her neighbors just on the suspicion of the smell of feces and decaying flesh and also the fact that she is sleeping outside in a plastic bin. The animals in the house were so deteriorated that they couldnt tell that if it was two, three, or even ten pets. Thats first of all pretty much very disgusting and appalling that with all the abuse and the neglect, she only got ten misdemeanor charges. The neighbors are neglectful and also most not care about the community if they allowed all that time smelling like feces and decaying flesh. I believe that they should clean that house and turn it into a sanctuary of some sort for animals and all. The overall number of animals in her house was about five hundred dead and live cats and dogs. She posed a threat to the community and herself by what she has done. She didnt take thirty five dogs into for the rabies vaccinations that it could have gone terribly wrong....
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