group speech - Script v.2 MH Melissa Holloway The Moderator...

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--- Script v.2 --- [ MH ] - Melissa Holloway – The Moderator [ NL ] - Representative (D - CO) Nora Lander – Far Left [ LB ] - Lindsay Berbeka of the NORML foundation – Center Left [ JS ] - Senator (R – VT) Josh Salto - Center Right [ BP ] - William James of the National Parents’ Coalition – Far Right References are bold and underlined again for quick access. ---- (Attention Getter) MH: Good morning, everybody! How are we all doing today? (. ..) Great. Before we start the show today I just want to get a show of hands. How many of you have ever smoked marijuana? Done a little weed? Come on, don’t be shy. Well, you know, statistics released last year from the government’s National Institute of Drug Abuse say that almost one third of all Americans has used marijuana and twenty million of us will do it again sometime this year. It looks like some of you aren’t telling the truth, doesn’t it? (Introduction) MH: Welcome to another great show here on the Viewpoint with me, your host, Melissa Holloway. Like I said, we’ve got a great show for you this morning. We’ve been talking, arguing, and even fighting over the whole marijuana debate for almost a century now, folks, and a couple of days ago a whole new big battle erupted when CBS News reported this month that Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank had decided to release his “Make Room For Serious Criminals” bill in Congress which would make the personal use of marijuana legal in the U.S. This announcement has put a new fire in the debate and we may see our drug laws take a huge step forward in the next few weeks. (Credibility)
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MH: This morning I have with me four great guests who will help clear out some of the smoke and understand the issues involved with this new legislation. First, on my far left, we have the Democratic Representative to the House from Colorado, Miss Nora Lander, who has distinguished herself as a co-signer and front-line supporter of Frank’s “Make Room” bill. NL: Thanks, Melissa. I think we’re really going to make a difference with this new legislation. America is the greatest nation in the world but we’re still in the dark ages when it comes to drug policy. Like Barney said, “I think it’s time for politicians to catch up to the public. The notion that you lock people up for smoking marijuana is pretty silly.” MH: Right. Now, on my right, I’ve brought along Mr. William James of the National Parents Coalition advocacy group. William, you guys take a pretty hard line against marijuana in general, don’t you? BP: Absolutely, Melissa. Marijuana is a vile, dangerous drug that corrupts our youth and leads them down a path to criminality, sin, and ruin. We can’t let this threat to the core values of our society go unanswered, no matter what lies the loathsome lefty liberals might tell us. MH: That’s a lot of L’s. Now, closer in on my right, I’ve brought in a more moderate voice in
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group speech - Script v.2 MH Melissa Holloway The Moderator...

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