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Persuasive Speeches Convince Actuate Inspire Debate Used Supporting Materials Short Stories Definitions Descriptions Quotations Post Hoc Ergo Propter = related only in time Sequential Pattern Time Space Size Importance Motivated Sequence Attention Need Satisfaction Visualization Action Elements of Communication Competency Repertoire Selection Implementation Evaluation Deduction = gen. > specific Informative Speeches Definition Demonstration exposition Preparing/presenting Speech memorized manuscript extemporaneous impromptu Fallacies of thinking approval overgeneralization catastrophic perfection Epistemology =how do u kno -ad hominem -argument from analogy -begging the ? -black/white -cross-ranking -distraction -equivocation -far-fetched hypothesis -hasty generalization -inconsistency -non sequitur -oversimplification -reductio ad absurdum -slanting -Affirm. a disjunct -Aff. .the conseque.
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