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BLST 171 final2


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USE ONLY AS REFERENCE MATERIAL Displacement in African Film Within the themes of African films, the theme of displacement has been a common story often explored. With the tumultuous history of Africa from colonialism to civil war, displacement has been very socially relevant. Two films that deal with this issue are Gito L’Ingrat and Hollow City . Both films deal with completely different places and situations, yet similarities can be seen as well as contemporary social issues. Through their use of character and their content these films are able to quite directly address African issues to African people. These films aim to reform but also to educate Africans and the rest of the world. In the history of African depictions in Western culture African social issues have been portrayed less than accurately. Films such as these aim to reform the traditional Western thought of Africa and change the general perception of Africa as simply a jungle. These films use the theme of displacement to illustrate a common social milieu in contemporary Africa through their use of character and plot. Several of the films in this course have dealt with a character that has traveled abroad, often to attend European universities. In the film Gito L’Ingrat , Gito is one of these very characters who has traveled abroad and earned a diploma. In his travels, he becomes accustomed to the ways of the West and begins to refer to his old ways in his village in Burundi as the middle ages. This ‘been-to’ or been abroad character depicts the concept of displacement. As Gito has built lives in both Africa and Burundi, he is conflicted between the two. When he returns to Burundi to find a job, he reunites with a childhood sweetheart. As he rekindles feelings for her, he attempts to separate his girlfriend, Christine, from Flora, his new interest. This further illustrates his conflict and confusion. Gito’s family owned a substantial plot of land which his
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father was planning to add to and then pass on to Gito. Gito’s ignorance extended from his love
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