PS7 NOTES 8-13-07

PS7 NOTES 8-13-07 - What is the utility of theory?: used as...

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Unformatted text preview: What is the utility of theory?: used as explanation for phenomenon, theories tend to be abstract, Causal hypothesis and statements parallel to the therefore part of a proof. (causal variables) Simplifying conflict with as few variables as possible Empirical record and logic are used to test theories, these are based on historical evidence Predictability (another theory time-based) Allows us to describe events, so does media How states interact with each other in terms of time and space (US, IRAN, IRAQ conflict) (UK, INDIA) (SPAIN, UK) Realism Theory : The dominant theory of IR, REMAINS PARTICULARLY POPULAR POST 9/11 A. Realisms Central Thesis: Power politics matter IR are driven by power, what defines power, it matters therefore states seek it Begins with a clear understanding of a central assumption The global system is characterized by anarchy (1 st assumption, that must be assumed t rue) Anarchy: no global government exists, which means no global enforcement, if the world is looked at as one state there is no enforcement for all, no global govt POWER RULES HOW STATES I N TERACT W/EACH OT HER (background-roots) thucidities? Polyponesian war? Sparta became fearful of Athens gaining power, which lead to Sparta raising a larger army, and then eventually war, shifting balances of power leads to conflict The strong do what they have the power to do, and the weak accept what they have to accept Machiavelli , focuses on the topic of balance of power and conflict, the prince...
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PS7 NOTES 8-13-07 - What is the utility of theory?: used as...

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