PS7 NOTES 8-22-07

PS7 NOTES 8-22-07 - II. Understanding Feminist IR...

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II. Understanding Feminist IR Scholarship a. Central thesis: Gender matters, realism is based on presumptions of human nature, gender to gender (masculine v. feminine socialization) If the nature of world leadership changes due to changes in the gender of leading parties, IR will change accordingly b. Three Variants of Feminism: i. Difference Feminism: differences do exist between men and women, b/c of these differences women can provide unique contributions to IR; means of difference is less important than the end; show evidence of differences (psychological studies) examines how they are as social beings; argue that girls identify with their primary care givers, females tend to like be liked and socialize (NO SHIT), men choose independence as individuals, hypothesis : women will be the first to find commonalities to form bonds (alliances, conformity), men have more autonomous behavior, open to debate, more comfortable when having the only opinion, less empathetic. Moral reasoning : male (abstract rules and individual rights); female (refer to concrete experiences and are geared more towards social conformities, [better are conflict resolution, negotiating peace,
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PS7 NOTES 8-22-07 - II. Understanding Feminist IR...

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