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PS7 NOTES 8-7-07 - (violence), protection of domestic...

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Current events Iraqi cabinet won’t show for meetings, gov’t stand-still North Korea getting energy sources (oil) by bartering non-nuke agreements New British prime minister Gordon Brown makes stand against US Guantanamo bay situation, anti Tony Blair (acquiesce heuristic) Reasons to care about int’l relations Concern of imminent attack Trade proponents and opponents, goods we have access to and the effect on value on US dollar Race to the bottom affect on the success of the global economy Limited size of the earth and its relationship to scarcity Terminology Nation – people with common identity State – territory, collected body of peoples with a legitimate gov’t and use of authority
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Unformatted text preview: (violence), protection of domestic authority; (UK is a state with nations within it) If state has no common religion or belief for living, is freedom an applicable parallel between cultures to build unity? What is power?; ability to create your own version of reality, ability to get other people to do what you want! Weapons used as a potential threat (instilling fear) What is a hedgemon?; the state that is winning the race of power, a preponderance of power, however it is not unilateral. Cultural power is referred to as soft power. Compellence is when the threat of deterrence fails....
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