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Andy Mckeown February 12, 2008 Geology 004 Natural Hazards and Disasters Climate and Weather - Climate is a long-term trend or pattern of temperature, precipitation, wind etc. - Weather is what happens on a short time scale- rain, hot days etc. Basic Atmospheric Science -Solar Energy - energy from the sun. The sun generates heat because of the fusion of hydrogen into helium. This is different from the fission that goes on in the earth. Fusion releases much more energy but fission is easier to control. Nuclear power plants and the earth use fission. Radiation in the form of light goes from the sun to the earth. Seventy percent of this radiation enters the atmosphere and thirty percent is reflected. - Properties of Gases and Water - what happens when gasses expand or contract. - PV= KT. This means that Pressure x Volume= the Constant x Temperature. An increase in the temperature will result in the volume going up. This is the idea behind a hot air balloon. This is the idea that if you heat up airs it will expand and float upwards. - In terms of water. There are three phases of water. These phases are solid
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