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spike lee worksheet observation-3

spike lee worksheet observation-3 - Spike Lees Filimworks...

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Spike Lee’s Filimworks Fall Semester One: Wake Up! Look over this worksheet before watching the movie and then fill it out after watching. Watch movie and take general notes for yourself while watching. Notes and answers to this questions can be incomplete sentences, queries, quotations or any other material that traces and encourages your thinking during the film and after the film. You’ll return to these for the last project. Two: Invocation Recall the opening sequence or sequences of the film. Did this Joint have an invocation and if so what was it? Three: Point of View Whose story is this? Is there one character whose point of view organizes the story and who is it? Or does the point of view shift throughout the film? Four: Characters Who are the major and minor characters in this Joint? Returning actors?
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